The Team

Vikram Surendranath, An Entrepreneur with a versatile professional and
business experience gained over 20 years in US & India. He has led teams and
businesses in many settings and sizes taking on initiatives that often traverse
unchartered waters. Vikram has natural ability to look at a business by breaking
it into simpler blocks and is astute with numbers. He usually identifies
opportunities to improve and find a more efficient way to do any function in a
business. Very strategic and process oriented at the same time. In 2015, he
founded a chain of QSR restaurants under brand name Indy HOP running with
equity & franchised outlets in a hub & spoke model. During this journey, he saw
the pain points leading to this business idea. In 2010, he started & ran product development & sales
operations as Country Head for US based Audio-Visual electronics company, Lastar™ Inc in India. Company was
sold to Legrand in 2013. In 2007 he partnered with Pilkington Glass to introduce their glass in India. Prior to
that he was with Intel Corp in USA for 9 years where he ran flag ship product line Xeon worldwide. Roles he
had were Sr. Product Line Manager, Xeon® & Celeron® product lines, Sr. Design Engineer VLSI design, Technical
Marketing Manager, ODM enablement APAC. He has an MBA from Univ of California and an MS from Temple
University, Philadelphia.

Shilpa, Vikram Jain is an MS graduate of Univ of Michigan in electronics. She
is an Intel & Qualcom Alumnus who has a unique ability to think clearly and
logically helping her make astute business decisions. Shilpa is Vikram’s wife &
balances Vikram’s thoughts and actions thereby being a very effective team
mate in strategy, decision making and execution.